A patent protects inventions. Once you get a patent on your design or invention, you can prevent anyone from copying your patented work without your permission.

What can be Patented?

  • Art, process, method or manner of manufacture.
  • Machines, apparatus or other articles.
  • Substances produced by manufacturing.
  • Product patent for food, chemicals, medicines and drugs.

Patent Search: A patent search is a preliminary process before filing/applying for a patent. Before such a right is granted, there is a rigorous check on whether the process or product is inventive/ novel.

Provisional Patent: Provisional applications are generally filed at a stage where the invention is not fully complete. Therefore, filing a provisional application allows the applicant to get an early application date. A complete specification has to be filed within 12 months from the date of provisional.

Non Provisional Application: To a large extent, the rights of the shareholders and the duties of the company to its shareholders are captured in the Companies Act, itself, such as the rights of minority shareholders, information rights, right / obligation to make available audited financial statements, etc.

Patent validity: 20 years from the date of filing for a provisional or permanent patent, the patent falls into the public domain.

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